Expo Lever Hose Bib Male 15mm

    Enware Features:

    - Engineered for easy operation and control
    - Constructed from dezincification resistant (DR) brass
    - Durable bright chrome finish, plus satin chrome and powder coated options for easy media identification
    - Sets supplied with Blue, Yellow and Red Indicator Buttons. For single taps, specify when ordering

    Pressure Information

    Ceramic Disc Maximum Static Pressure:  800 kpa

    Ceramic Disc Min-Max Working Pressure:  50-500 kPa

    Jumper Valve Maximum Static Pressure:  1200 kPa

    Jumper Valve Min-Max Working Pressure:  30-500 kPa

    Temperature Information

    Ceramic Disc Maximum Working Temperature:  85C

    Jumper Valve Maximum Working Temperature:  95C