Blocked or Smelly drains

    Blocked or Smelly drains

    If your pipe or drain is gurgling, draining water very slowly or giving off a bad smell, it is likely there is a blockage. If the blockage is only happening in one place, you can try these simple DIY solutions. If the symptoms are occurring in other parts of the house, this could indicate a mains blockage, which should be left to the professionals.

    What to do:

    • Can you see the blockage? Try to remove the obstruction yourself, for example clear a soap and hair mass in a shower drain, or removing and cleaning out the u shaped pipe (trap) under the sink.
    • If the material is soft, such as a lump of fat in the kitchen sink, some hot water with a bit of detergent can liquify the blockage so it drains properly. If you can’t identify the cause, try a natural baking soda and vinegar remedy.
    • Use a plunger if you’re confident in your technique. Beware, though, some plunging can push the blockage further down the pipe.

    If your still having issues call the professionals.