Not all plumbers can help you with your septic system, but O’Connells can!

    Our expert team can help you maintain and repair your septic system safely and with minimal disruption to your home.

    What Is Septic?

    A septic system is a steel or concrete tank that's situated under the soil near a commercial or residential property. Wastewater goes in on one side and filters out through the other to a drain field.

    A sewage treatment system can also be referred to as a home sewage treatment plant (HSTP), waste water treatment system, sewage treatment unit (STU), aerated treatment unit (ATU), aerated waste water treatment system (AWTS), on-site sewage management system (OSMS), on-site sewage facilities (OSSF), on-site sewage treatment plant (OSST), septic system or septic treatment systems.

    What's most important however, is the fact that installation and maintenance of these systems must be carried out by a certified specialist.

    O'Connells - Certified Specialists

    At O'Connells Plumbing, we are certified in Sewerage maintenance which is an additional, specialist certification to a plumbing licence,.

    We are also an official Ozzi Kleen service provider for the region and can install AES (Advanced Enviro-Septic) systems. 

    O’Connells Tablelands Plumbing highly recommends the following Septic Waste Water Systems and services.

    Advanced Enviro-Septic

    The Enviro-Septic systems have not only revolutionised the way wastewater is treated from a practicality standpoint, however. The Enviro-Septic tanks are also cutting edge in terms of their environmental sustainability.


    Ozzi Clean

    The patented Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system is the only 100% aerobic household sewage treatment system available in the Australian market. Waste water is able to be recycled and used as either surface or subsurface irrigation.


    Earth Test

    Earth Test provides an independent waste water design service to ensure you get an appropriate treatment solution – at a reasonable price.

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