What licensing and insurances should a qualified plumber have?

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    What licensing and insurances should a qualified plumber have?


    A plumbing licence issued by QBCC is required for any type of commercial, industrial, or domestic drainage, plumbing, or gas fitting work in Queensland.

    Provisional Plumbers Licence - This plumber’s licence is available to tradies who have completed a plumbing apprenticeship. This provisional licence is the first step towards a complete occupational licence. During the time that you have your provisional licence, you can complete your educational requirements or gain professional experience.

    Occupational/Open Licence- Applicant’s must have completed a minimum of one year as a provisional licence holder before applying for this plumber’s licence.

    Plumbing & Drainage Contractor / Nominee Supervisor - Individuals who have completed the Certificate IV in Plumbing and are able to meet the associated financial requirements, may apply for this licence.


    Public liability insurance: This is an essential policy for plumbers as it covers them if they are found liable for damage to property or injury to a person which has occurred due to their actions at work. It covers the cost of repairs, replacement, medical bills, rehabilitation, and any other associated costs.

    Workers Compensation Cover: If plumbers have employees working for them, it’s compulsory that they have workers compensation cover in place. This insurance is designed to protect both the employer and employees as it means