Why do I need to apply for permits through council and what types are there?

    Plumbing is regulated by your local council under the current State Government legislation.  Work is categorised into Permit Work, Notifiable Work, Minor Work and Unregulated Work.  Only Permit Work requires an application to be lodged with Council.  Permit Work must be done by a licensed plumber, council will then assess and inspect the work to ensure it is compliant. 

    To determine if the work is Permit Work refer to the QBCC website. 

    Council keeps a record of these for Health and Safety, Compliance, Environmental Protection, Community Planning and Legal Requirements.

    In 2019 the Queensland State Government introduced a new plumbing and drainage legislation, the Plumbing and Drainage Act 2018.  As a result of the new Act  ALL  plumbing applications submitted from 1 July 2019 must be accompanied by a Form 1.

    The two most common council forms used and required by plumbers are a Form 1 and a Form 7.

    What is a Form 1 – It is a Permit work application for plumbing, draining and on-site sewerage work.  The Form 1 generally includes information about the plumbing work, such as the location of the work, details of the plumber or plumbing company responsible for the work, and a declaration that the work complies with all applicable regulations and standards.